What People Say

“Tart is perfect without extra sugar.”

I look forward to these sessions as I have a laugh and learn so much.”

“I tried making the salmon in foil at home, and it tasted just the same as yours!  So simple and no washing up!”

“I wish I had been brave enough to come along a year ago on my own.  Everyone is so friendly and I really enjoy the sessions.”

“I’m not very good at reading, so this demo is really useful to see how meals are prepared so that I can try cooking them at home for myself.”

“You have enthused me to cook for myself again.  Thank you. It’s worth the 30 minute bus ride.”

“I love your apple & sultana mince pies, I make them all the time.”

“Bean salad was lovely – so simple.”

“I could make this and freeze it down for other days.  That will help on days that I don’t feel like cooking.”

“My taste buds are working again.”