What People Say

Millwey and Littleham Youth Groups

A youth worker from the Littleham youth group had this to say about HALFF’s sessions…

“It’s the only time I see young people who wouldn’t normally socialise with each other coming together to work on a common goal, the cooking.”

“The sessions have encouraged healthy relationships between males/females in the group as they work on meals together.  This has broken down the barriers of how you can have productive relationships with the opposite sex.’


And from the kids themselves…


‘I don’t like vegetables, but these are really nice’

‘Can I have the recipe to make at home?’

‘I’ve never had this before [kale].  I love it!.’

“Awesome food, helps cooking at home and brings people together”

“You are learning how to cook as a team in a busy environment.  Also fun because everyone gets involved in everything.”

“Because you make food people have never tried.”


Seaton Library Youth Group


“ Liked it how everyone can get involved if they want to, and also that we can all eat it at the end….The atmosphere seems very relaxed – as if we had all the time in the world!”


“I like how we get to do most things – you just advise us.”

“I like working with others, chopping and mixing”

“Good to use maths skills.”

“Amazing, brilliant, fantastic.”  

“I really like making food as a team”.

“You get to work with people you don’t know.”

“They explain it well and then let everyone have a go.”

“You make new friends”


Devon Young Carers


One participant’s mother came into the HALFF shop one day and thanked us.  She told us that her daughter has been getting so much out of the sessions and really enjoys them.  


From the kids…


‘Tasty, fun, awesome’

‘Friendly and give you something to look forward to.’

‘Amazing.  I’ve made friends and learnt about herbs!’