Obesity in Children

Did you know…

The British Medical Association estimates that a third of children will be obese by 2030.

An obese teen is 70% more likely to become an obese adult with an increased chance of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and death. Overweight or obese adolescents tend to leave education earlier, and as adults, earn a household average of £3,500 less each year, and we are 20% less likely to marry.

  • Fact 1

If a child has 1 x 45g chocolate bar, 1 x 35g packet of crisps and 1 x 330ml can fizzy drink every school day, it will result in an extra 559 kilocalories per day. To avoid putting on weight a teen would have to play 80 minutes of football per school day or run a marathon every 2 school days!

If the same snacking habits continued over the course of the school year, it would add up to eating 20 x 250g blocks of butter, 41 salt sachets, 11 kg of sugar, and would cost around £235 – the same price as a 12-month mobile phone contract with 500 minutes and 300 texts.

  • Fact 2

Eating a side order of fried chips with half a sachet of salt rather than a side order of new potatoes will provide an extra 15 x 250g packs of butter (3 of which would be saturated fat) and an extra 100 sachets of salt over the course of the school year (190 days).

  • Fact 3

The average child in the UK eats less than half of the recommended 5 potions of fruit or vegetables every day.

  • Fact 4

In 2012, 27% of 5 year olds suffered from tooth decay. Dental decay is associated with a high level of sugar in the diet such as eating sugary foods and sipping sugary drinks, particularly between meals.