Adults living alone

For many years HALFF has been working with people who live alone of varying ages. People living alone often feel isolated, vulnerable and can suffer from depression, low self-esteem and confidence, so their health suffers. Often they are lonely and do not get out of the house. These sessions enable people to meet regularly and form new friendships and have a reason to go out, which in turn helps to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. For more detailed information about the impact of these sessions click on the relevant page.

What people say about our cooking for one demonstrations

I look forward to these sessions as I have a laugh and learn so much.”

“I tried making the salmon in foil at home, and it tasted just the same as yours!  So simple and no washing up!”

“I wish I had been brave enough to come along a year ago on my own.  Everyone is so friendly and I really enjoy the sessions.”

“I’m not very good at reading, so this demo is really useful to see how meals are prepared so that I can try cooking them at home for myself.”

“You have enthused me to cook for myself again.  Thank you. It’s worth the 30 minute bus ride.”

“I love your apple & sultana mince pies, I make them all the time.”

“Bean salad was lovely – so simple.”

“I could make this and freeze it down for other days.  That will help on days that I don’t feel like cooking.”

“My taste buds are working again.”

“Tart is perfect without extra sugar.”

Impact we have had

Our Cooking for One project showed fantastic results – 94% of attendees had increased confidence/self esteem as a result of attending our sessions, 100% reported an increase in nutritional knowledge; a brilliant 69% had changed their diet and 81% felt less isolated.