Go Local

Food from within 30 miles of Axminster

HALFF is running a local food network so that local food, in particular, fruit and vegetables, are more readily available in local retail outlets.

Run from HALFF’s Food Hub – a fruit, vegetable and local produce shop, on South Street, Axminster.  We aim to build a strong network of local producers and retailers, help coordinate local food distribution, and enable consumers to reduce waste and buy more local food.

We promote buying local produce by delivering cookery demonstrations throughout the project area; at the Food Hub and at existing community groups or events.  

Aims of the network:

  • To work with local producers  and shops to develop new trading links
  • To make more local, every day foods, readily available for local people in local retailers
  • To raise awareness of the benefits to the local economy and the environment of local, seasonal food

Food Network Members

  • local food producers, growers and farmers
  • local retailers
  • distributors
  • food outlets
  • consumers
  • holiday accommodation


For more information, please contact kate@halff.org.uk