Go Local Holiday Food Boxes


A taste of the area

Go Local can offer a range of local food and drink boxes for self-catering holiday makers. We can pack and deliver to where is convenient for you.  Contents of each box can be made to order from an extensive list of local goodies that can be emailed to you (please request the Local Food Brochure from kate@halff.org.uk).  Alternatively, to make it as simple as possible for you, we offer the following pre-selected boxes. All of the items are sourced from top quality local food and drink producers, most from within 20 miles of the holiday cottage. And because we are sure you will want more, we will provide details of where they can go to top up their supplies – usually the most local shop. If you require organic options, these can be provided for many of the items, with associated price changes.

Pre-selected boxes – containing more or less of each item depending on whether for 2, 4 or 6 guests.

The Essential Box  £30 for 2 people/£33.90 for 4 people/£50 for 6 people
• A loaf of bread (wholemeal, granary or white)
• A box of muesli and/or granola/or granola
• Coissants (one per person
• Semi skimmed or whole milk
• Butter
• A jar of local homemade jam
• A jar of local honey
• A bottle of apple juice
• Free-range eggs
• Free-range smoked back bacon
• Fairtrade tea (25 bags)
• A bag of locally roasted coffee

The BBQ Box  £19.55 for 4 people/£24.40 for 6 people
• Free range chicken drumsticks
• Free range classic pork chipolatas
• Free range beef burgers
• Mixed veg for veggie kebabs including courgette, peppers, tomatoes, onion and mushrooms (if in season)

The Picnic Box  £27.80 for 2 people/£48.35 for 4 people/£73.85 for 6 people
• Bread rolls (wholemeal, granary or white)
• Mature cheddar
• Capricorn goats cheese, Dorset Red and/or Dorset Blue Vinney
• Traditional Devon Rose cured free range ham
• Dry cured meat and salami selection
• Locally made chutney
• Mixed salad leaves, tomatoes and cucumber (if in season)
• Selection of fruit depending on season
• Homemade individual cookies

The Roast Dinner Box  £4.75 for 2 people (veg only)/£20 for 4 people/£25.75 for 6 people
• A whole free range chicken
• Potatoes
• Seasonal veg

The Tasty Treat Box  £8.35
• Fudge
• Packet of local biscuits
• Homemade cake (chocolate orange, fruit cake or lemon drizzle)

To place an order please contact Kate on 01297 631782 or email kate@halff.org.uk