Liam Nash ran the Exeter Live Better Marathon on 19th May and raised £500 for HALFF.


Liam’s words:

“I’d like to say a big thank you to all who supported me and donated to HALLF! Talking to many of you has brought me so much joy and is an amazing example of community.

On the 19th of May, I took part in the Live Better Exeter Marathon, an event that I began preparation for 18 weeks before. Since early January I ran over 1000km, including two half-marathons to prepare myself for a day that I had hoped would be the biggest peak in my life so far.

The day of the marathon came. The race started and so did the pain deep in my hips and upper thighs that had plagued me for the final 3 weeks of my taper (a period at the end of a marathon training plan where you reduce weekly mileage to increase fitness ahead of a race). Running distance, it is quite common to develop a high tolerance for pain, and in those opening 10 miles I fought it well. But some pain shouldn’t be ignored. My primary goal for running is first and foremost health and It was at this point that I began to consider the benefit of finishing an event that would leave me side-lined for months. Another concern was for the charity that I wore on my vest, “They stand for health” I thought. It was just after the halfway point, 22km, that I finished alongside the early finishers of the half-marathon that took place on the same day. If I had ran that one, I finished in 1 hour 42.

Whilst I did not fulfil my original goal of completing the Live Better Exeter Marathon, I hope that I still inspired you to positively change your life and of those in our community, whether that be through healthy eating, exercise, or through proactively managing pain

I will now spend some time recovering and rebuilding, ahead of getting back out to the pavements and lanes of that surround our community, and hopefully to some running events in the future.

Please continue to support HALFF, so that healthy eating and community can continue to be provided for and accessed by those who are disadvantaged.”

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