Food Planning

The week ahead… A sample week’s main meals could look like this:

Friday— Fish and mixed root veg Saturday— Homemade pizza with choice of toppings Sunday— One pot roast or stew Monday—Leftovers stir fry with noodles Tuesday—Spaghetti bolognese with added lentils or beans Wednesday—Pork with rice and mixed veg, or baked potatoes with leftover spag bol Thursday— Spanish omelette with leftovers & salad


Meal Planning

Planning the week’s meals and making a shopping list before you go shopping makes the shop much less stressful and saves money.

It also helps avoid all the “We might need this, especially as it’s on special offer” that you buy and then throw away a week later because you haven’t used it.

You can plan what you eat around other things going on in the week, depending on how busy or not each day is going to be and how many you are cooking for at each meal.

And if you’re creative with leftovers you will be able to cook extra one day to use in another dish on the next.

For instance, cook extra potatoes one evening to use cold as a salad or mashed up as a topping to your fish pie for the following days lunch or tea.

This saves you time and saves cooking time, keeping costs lower and meal prep easier.

We have drawn up a planner which you might find useful to try. A separate printable version is available on a separate document. It might take a few weeks to get used to it however we think you’ll find it’s a great tool for easier and healthier ways to cook for yourself and your loved ones.