Eating more Fruit and Veg

 12 good ideas for introducing more fruit and vegetables to young children.


  1. Chop up left over vegetables, a little seasoning and some vegetable stock, cook until hot. Cool a bit, for a cheap home made soup!
  2. If you enjoy jelly put in some peeled tanger ine bits for extra zing.
  3. Place a celery stick in the fridge, then give it to your teething toddler to chew on.
  4. Raw frozen peas make a great snack for children.
  5. Beans sprouts are easy to sprout in a jar, and children love watching them grow.
  6. Give children a small cup of sultanas as a snack.
  7. Make your own fruit yoghurt, whiz a banana with some plain yoghurt.
  8. Add finely chopped carrot to Spaghetti Bolognese, cook.
  9. Mash a banana on toast or in a sandwich for a change from jam.
  10. Make a smoothie with your favourite fruit, a little fruit juice or yoghurt and whizz up.
  11. Cut up a bowl of raw vegetable sticks including celery, peppers, carrot, fennel and snack on them during the day.
  12. Make fruit faces or fruit animals from sliced fruit and veg, then eat them!