Carers Food Hub

The Food Hub provides free cooking courses, demos and newsletters for local parents/carers and for adults who are cooking for others.

Make & Munch Course – for parents and carers of children (0-18), a hands-on course of six sessions.  Have fun preparing simple, delicious food and enjoy eating it together.  Pre-school age children welcome with parents/carers. To book a place call on 01297 631782 for more information or email

Hands-on cooking course for adults who are caring for others. Prepare a meal to take home at the end of the session. Cooking courses for adult carers are very much hands on sessions, with participants cooking all the food, helped and advised by the HALFF cooks where necessary. The recipes are fairly basic, and each session is planned alongside appropriate . For example, we recently ran a session on breakfasts where we looked at various egg and fruit based recipes, and provided lots of advice on how to make the most important meal of the day interesting and healthy.

Cooking Demonstrations for parents – we visit local sessions in Axminster, Honiton, Seaton and other locations to run demos at parent groups.  Contact if you have an idea for a demo and would like to discuss this with us.

Cooking demo and get together.  Free healthy cooking demonstrations covering nutritional advice and cooking hints and tips to help make your life easier cooking for others.  At the end of the session everyone gets to taste the food.

We have run, and will continue to do so, demos for the Honiton and Ottery St Mary carers’ groups.

Diary dates for sessions.

Our project helps to address the issues facing carers and aims to:

  • Increase confidence in cooking for others.
  • Improve knowledge of food, nutrition, preparation and planning.
  • Support those who may be isolated as a result of their caring responsibilities.

The Food Hub project is aimed at adults who cook for others. We run cooking courses and demos as part of this project, but anyone who has signed up to join the Food Hub also receives a fortnightly information or recipe newsletter so that those who are unable to attend our sessions still receive relevant support and advice.

There are an increasing number of adults with caring responsibilities for other adults. This could be a husband caring for a wife, a friend looking who looks after a next door neighbour or a parent looking after an adult child with learning disabilities. Some people are officially recognised as carers, but most people take on this kind of role with no formal recognition. This means that the ‘unofficial’ carers frequently have very little or no respite from their responsibilities. Unpaid carers are typically themselves in poor health.

The Devon Join Strategic Needs Assessment estimated an increase of 10% in people in the Wakley GP Consortium (East Devon) with longstanding ill health after a stroke or heart attack between 2010 and 2016. The number of people in East Devon aged 85 or over is more than twice the national average and the greatest population growth in Devon will be in older age groups: 28% in the 60-69s, 58% in the 70-79s and 92% in the 80-89s.

This project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund until the summer of 2019.